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Macartney's Distribution & Wholesale

Our Business

Distributing food in Ottawa since 1940

The Macartney Family has been in the produce business since 1940. While originally we focused on farming, James Macartney eventually shifted the business to importing American eggs. By the 1990s, Macartney Farms operated under the name "Macartney Poultry Farm" as we distributed eggs and poultry across Ottawa. 

By the mid 2000's, the 4th generation took the mantle of operating the business. James' two sons, Jason and Jordan Macartney, took ownership of the company. It was their decision to expand Macartney Farms' product line to include produce, dairy, meat, and dried goods.

Our Services

Quality Guaranteed

Macartney Farms values quality above all else. For that reason alone, we guarantee all our product. Our very capable sales team is always willing to work with our clients to ensure they receive the best quality possible. We provide next day delivery (minimum 100$ order) for the Ottawa Gatineau area. While we primarily deliver to restaurants and grocery stores, we also have a Cash & Carry section at the back of our warehouse that is open to the public (cash only).   

Macartney Farms provides fresh and frozen Canadian produce and products. However, we do purchase our product from many produce importers. Whether our lemons are from Egypt or our oranges are from Spain, Macartney's will always ensure the product you receive is the best on the market. Our beef and meat are rated AAA quality originating from both Canada and The US. While we don't display all our products online, our sales staff is happy to list and explain all the products we do carry. 

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